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Apa yang kalian pikirkan dan rasakan tentang pendidikan dan sekolah?

on December 15, 2013

 klub teaterDalam sebuah proses menuju pementasan dengan tema Pendidikan bersama Klub Teater sebuah Sekolah Menengah Atas, saya minta para Aktor dan Aktris serta siapapun yang terlibat untuk menulis pemikirannya tentang pendidikan dari sudutpandang mereka sebagai Siswa. Lalu hadirlah beberapa kalimat dari masing-masing mereka. Tak ada salahnya kita sebagai guru sejenak membaca dan melihat masalah ini (pendidikan), dari sudut pandang mereka (siswa).

“There are a lot of ways to learn. Learning is a way of expressing yourself and us as students should have no limitation to it. Learning should be the way to get knowledge and it should not feel like prison” -Raihana Safira

“Everyone has their own perspectives and to understand that perspectives, we need to respect, listen and understand each other.”  -Raihani Safira

“School has became more a business than a facility. they care more about reputation than the truth, put tag lines to say “I’m with you” while doing things exactly the opposite. well guess what? we see through the lies.”  -Adi Abdurrashid

“Though it is hard to be a student, we need to be grateful to learn. We might complain about homework, we might have to stay up late to do them, but we have to remember, not many has our opportunities, so we should be happy for it. But, it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun in the process.”  -Kai Tyas

“Somehow an education is like an activity that makes us to be obedient and listen every single word from the expert, even though we don’t know they were right or wrong and know the truth. However, students also have a right to be heard. It means, the right to have critical analysis due to filled the empty mind with the open one.”  -Virginia Mentari

“I have heard it said that ‘He who opens a school door, closes a prison.’ But, from what I felt it is more like walking into one rather than closing one.”  -Ayu Sumayya

“Education Is not only to make people become expert, but also to teach them how to think straight, because people have the rights to create their own perception. It is about inspiring ones mind and not just filling their head.”  -Charina

“There is right and there is wrong, but then again it’s just different perspectives taken into account. This is ours” 

-Adi Abdurrashid

“School makes me sad, I rarely sleep”  – Farros Mufid



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